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Rely on Asheville Insurance to Protect Your Family, Business, and More!

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Are you aware of the risks you and your family are exposed to on a daily basis? Whether you are inside or outside, the health and safety of your loved ones is priority. Although the unpredictable can catch us all off guard, that doesn’t mean you have to face the consequences alone. Having reliable Asheville insurance will help you get back on your feet in case of an injury, natural disaster, lawsuit, and more.

According to the Citizen-Times, the smoking ordinance in the Town of Black Mountain is looking to be expanded to prohibit smoking outdoors, specifically on Town-owned property. “We feel we have a strong obligation to our citizens. We can’t regulate private property, but we can make a statement doing this,” explains Olson Huff, a member of the Black Mountain Health Initiative.

The current law prohibits smoking inside Town-owned buildings, and since its establishment, reports show that heart attack rates have fallen. The initiative members feel the next step should be to expand the smoke-free laws to other public areas such as parks, where children might see adults smoking. “We feel like positive behavior modeling instills in the next generation an understanding of the dangers of smoking,” said Health Inititiative chair Roger Hibbard.

At McKinney Insurance Services, we believe the preventative actions this group is taking will help the health of the community as a whole. Our Asheville Insurance Agency is also dedicated to serving the local area by providing solutions residents can trust. You can find peace of mind with the security offered by our family!

We strive to pair you with the most comprehensive personal and commercial insurance packages that cater to your specialized needs. Insurance can be confusing, but teaming with us will make selecting the appropriate coverages easier. It has never been as stress free as this to find your perfect Asheville insurance policy when you have our team by your side!


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