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Help Build a Safer Community and Protect Your Own Family with Asheville Insurance!

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There are ways you can help create a safer community for your family as well as for others. It is important to be involved in your local area in order to improve programs, such as extracurricular activities for youth. Have you thought about if your town lacked focus on bettering the community? This could result in unexpected accidents and mishaps. Protecting your loved ones is priority, which is why Asheville insurance will help you when the unpredictable occurs.

According to The Asheville Citizen-Times, the playground at the Klondyke Apartments is going to receive serious makeover, turning it from boring to fun. Prior to this decision, kids were playing in the street rather than on the actual playground, a dangerous substitute for fun with motorists always in and out of the neighborhood. This is why Jennifer Mayer, CEO of Charlotte Street Computers, wanted to find a solution to the problem.

Mayer teamed up with residents and the Asheville Design Center to get a unique playground built. In addition, the design center’s executive director Chris Joyell explained that if the project is a success, it could be a model for constructing new playgrounds in other public housing communities. Yet, incorporating an element of perceived danger to heighten the fun for the children while keeping safety in mind for parents will be a challenging, but exciting task for the design center.

Another idea that will make this play area unique to the community is the participation residents in having a creative voice throughout the process. The talents of local artists and craftsmen will be included into elements of the playground and the goal is to train some of Klondyke’s residents in the design and construction work to eventually start a similar project down the road.

At McKinney Insurance Services, we believe this project will benefit the community greatly. By encouraging the construction of a better playground, the youth in the area can continue to flourish. In addition, local residents uniting for a common cause exemplifies how safety is priority. We feel the same way when it comes to your protection. This is why we offer reliable Asheville insurance!

Our agency is dedicated to protecting everything that is important to you and your family. Whether you are interested in personal or commercial insurance, we have these options available. By gaining a thorough understanding of your requirements, we are able to advise you on the most appropriate coverages for your circumstances. Asheville insurance can now be easy to navigate with our agents helping you design policies!


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