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Moving on Campus has Never been Easier with the Security of NC Renters Insurance!

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Are you moving on or off a college campus soon? If you reside in an apartment, then having protection for your possessions is important. You keep everything you need to survive at school in your room, such as your books, television, laptop, phone, and more. So what if an item was to get stolen or damaged from your space as you shuffle around your belongings? What would you do? Rather than questioning the next step, be certain of your action with the security of NC renters insurance.

Leaving the home you have resided in for a year can be a strange experience since it probably feels like you are packing up your life. However, as you move boxes and shift possessions, it is important to not leave anything unattended. Then next year, when you possibly move into a new place, you must be cautious of your property and know your neighbors. But what if your building is a brand new one upon move in, making your surroundings unfamiliar? This could happen to UNC-Chapel Hill students in the future as part of the satellite campus.

According to the Chapel Hill News, Town Council members discussed the possibility of a hotel and student housing establishment being built at the college. Some found it to be a nuisance for the community to build, while others believed the idea was a good way to house students near campus. The apartments would house about 588 residents in three- or four-story buildings with 532 parking spaces, according to the concept plan submitted Progressive Capital Group.

At McKinney Insurance, we advise renters to always take care of their personal possessions no matter where they decide to live. This is because your landlord’s insurance will not cover your belongings if they are stolen or damaged. Therefore, to reduce the amount of risks you face, you need NC renters insurance for protection!

It doesn’t matter where you are renting in the state because our policy will help you maintain financial stability. You can rely on our team to protect you in unfortunate situations such as fire, theft, water damage, and other circumstances beyond your control. Let us guide you through the process of creating the perfect NC renters insurance so you can have peace of mind moving in and out of your home!


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