Fire Hazards from Fireworks

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The Fourth of July is a great time to enjoy a few fireworks and spend time with family and friends. Although consumer fireworks are generally considered a risky alternative to organized fireworks events, if you do decide to have a backyard fireworks party, make sure it doesn’t end in flames and a fire damage claim on your home insurance in North Carolina by observing a few fire safety guidelines.

• Make sure you always have a water source nearby when you let off fireworks. A fire extinguisher is also a good idea.

• Never aim rockets towards buildings, trees or people.

• Make sure you let off fireworks in a clear space, a good distance from your home and any neighboring residences.

• Check your home smoke alarms are in good working order.

• Keep sparklers away from any incendiary items, including grass, trees and plants. Do not drop them on the ground after use; put them in water before throwing in the trash.

• Never use fireworks, even sparklers, indoors.

Stay safe this Fourth of July and protect your home and that of your neighbors. Observing fire safety guidelines may help you avoid your celebrations going off with too much of a bang and ending in a disaster and a claim on your home insurance in North Carolina.


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