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Technology is making it possible for increasing numbers of people to work from home in Asheville. The benefits may be substantial: no travel, more time with the family, saved money in everyday costs. Yet in order to operate a business from home, it’s essential to understand that your personal insurance for your home or car is not designed and may not be adequate for business use.

Property coverage is the most basic element of home and business insurance, but is certainly not the only aspect. There are a range of specialist business policies that may help protect both you and your business. Consider if a client was injured while visiting your home office, or if a home fire not only destroyed all of your files, but meant you were unable to operate for weeks or even months, or a major loss of client’s personal data left you open to be sued for breach of privacy. These are just a few examples when business insurance would be vital to help your business stay afloat.

Home businesses may be eligible to purchase a business owner’s policy, which is a package of business insurance which generally includes property coverage, liability and a few additional types of coverage that may be suitable for your field. Your Asheville insurance agent can provide details of appropriate options.


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