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Life can get very busy, whether you’re in business in Ashville or managing a hectic family life, or both. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with regular tasks that you know you should attend to, but that keep getting moved to the next day’s list. Reviewing your insurance policies might fall into that category – after all, unless there’s an issue, your insurance is all in place, isn’t it?

Businesses have regular stock take periods, so it can be easy to check insurance at the same time. However, when it’s homeowner and personal coverage, all too often it can be a job that slips through the cracks. Unless you do something major, such as buying a new car or getting those housing renovations underway, you may not have any particular reason to think of checking your insurance.

The little, incremental changes that may impact your insurance may not occur to you until you come to claim, and find out that, over time, your assets or circumstances have changed so much that your coverage no longer reflects the real state of your affairs. That can be a problem.

Make the time. Choose a time of the year when you can sit down and work through all your policies – if your insurance requirements are simple, there won’t be many, so it won’t take long. It will, however, make all the difference if you pick up things that need adjusting so that, next time you claim, you can be sure that your loss is within the scope of your policies.


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