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Renters Insurance

It doesn’t matter where you’re renting in , renters insurance is a necessary investment for your financial stability. If you’re renting your home, your landlord’s insurance covers your property too, right? Wrong. For anyone renting property in , renters insurance must be purchased if you want your personal possessions to be protected. Even if your … More

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Restaurant Insurance

A quality dining experience is the convergence of a number of factors. Unfortunately, each of these factors carries a number of risk concerns, which include everything from the quality of the food, to the cleanliness of your establishment, to the safety of the kitchen. At , we offer general and specialized restaurant liability insurance that … More

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Retirement Planning

McKinney Insurance Services offers a suite of retirement plan choices and the flexibility and control necessary to ensure your money is invested where you want, how you want. We offer everything from fee-based retirement plans for individuals to employee retirement plans for employers. Each plan offers anywhere from 600 to 1,100 mutual fund options. Plus, … More

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Shopping Center Insurance

The scale of risk involved with shopping centers or retail outlets is tremendous. From structural concerns to maintenance issues to possible liability claims, the number of possible risks requires an all-inclusive, yet affordable, indemnification solution. At , our shopping center insurance policy involves the effective use of: Risk management strategies General and commercial liability protection … More

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Sub Contractor Insurance

Whether a contractor has obtained your services to help erect a home, pave a highway, or balance atop a city skyscraper, subcontractors are exposed to perilous situations. Because of the nature of your profession, it is essential for you to protect yourself with insurance coverage. has dedicated agents with experience covering subcontractors. We can insure … More

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Umbrella Insurance

What is Umbrella Insurance? Umbrella Insurance provides exactly the type of coverage that it sounds like it would; it provides an umbrella for you to stand under. Liability issues are everywhere and you never know what could cause someone to present you with a lawsuit. Basically, Umbrella Insurance policies protect you from liability issues that … More

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Watercraft Insurance

Things to Consider When the days are clear and weather is warm, we know that the first thing on your mind is going out on the water. Your boat allows you to get away from all the stress and pressure of the mainland and kick back by yourself or with good friends. Whether you use … More

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Wedding Insurance

A wedding is a blessed event. You hope, pray, and plan for a seamless, breathtaking ceremony and reception. From the caterers to the flowers to the 6-piece chamber orchestra, everything has been arranged. It’s going to be a perfect day. You hope. If a last-minute case of cold feet – or a lover’s spat – … More

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Workers Compensation Insurance

When you run a business in , workers compensation insurance is a necessary investment. The best way for employers to protect their employees is by providing workers compensation insurance. When you run a business in , workers compensation insurance can protect you and your employees against issues involving illness or injury incurred at the workplace. … More

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