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Eye Safety at Work

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more than 20,000 eye injuries in the workplace each year. Eye injuries can be expensive; OSHA estimates that employers lose more than $300 million each year in lost productivity, medical treatment and workers’ compensation expenses. Because vision is so important to so many activities, eye … More

Tips for Eating Out With Celiac Disease

Category: Blog

Eating out with celiac disease can seem like a daunting task, especially after you’ve first been diagnosed. While gluten-free dining has grown in popularity over the past few years, there are still many things you should be aware of when eating out. In recognition of Celiac Disease Awareness Month in October, below are some things … More

Fire Safety for Your Home

Category: Blog

Unfortunately, thousands of people are injured or die from house fires every year. In order to protect your home and your family, it’s important to know the basics about house fires. A small flame can grow into an uncontrollable inferno in as little as 30 seconds, and can reach temperatures of up to 600 degrees. … More

Workplace Bullying

Category: Blog

Although bullying is commonly applied to children, bullying and harassment in the workplace is a serious problem. Harassment can take the form of stereotypes, slurs or hurtful jokes, and can often go unrecognized. After all, there’s a thin line between regular workplace banter and a comment that goes too far. Since you probably interact with … More

Understanding Body Language

Category: Blog

The nonverbal signals that we use to communicate—either willingly or unwillingly—account for over half of all communication. The next time you’re trying to interpret someone’s body language, pay attention to the following clues. Eyes Have you ever heard the eyes referred to as the “windows to the soul”? There’s a reason for that. Eyes can … More

4 Qualities of a Good Leader

Category: Blog

Go into any bookstore and you’ll find stacks of literature on what it takes to be a good leader. However, a lot of times, becoming a good leader takes more than just following a few steps outlined in a textbook. While leadership can’t always be taught, it can be learned and built upon for those … More

Keeping Youth Farmworkers Safe

Category: Blog

Farms can be peaceful workplaces, but that doesn’t mean that they’re without danger. Farm owners and operators might be well aware of the hazards at play, but one important demographic might not appreciate the danger—youth workers. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 800,000 workers under the age of 20 worked … More

What Learning Style Do You Use?

Category: Blog

Each of us learns in different ways. For some of us, we need to be up to our elbows (either metaphorically or literally) in a subject to fully understand every fine detail, while others can just “download” the information directly from a book. If you do not know what type of learner you are and … More

Understanding the Dangers of Bed-sharing

Category: Blog

Many new parents want to cuddle and be close to their babies at bedtime. But, sharing a bed with a baby puts him or her at risk of suffocation, strangulation and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). According to studies, bed-sharing is the most common cause of death in babies—especially those younger than 3 months old. … More

Eye Safety for Kids

Category: Blog

August is National Eye Safety Month, and it comes at a good time. During the summer, people are out playing sports and doing lawn work, meaning there are ample opportunities for damage to happen to your eyes. To promote healthy living, we present these eye safety tips for children. Sports are the number one cause … More

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