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Tire Safety Tips

Category: Blog

National Tire Safety Week is set for May 24-30. Not coincidentally, the timing coincides with the beginning of the summer travel season. Checking the condition of your tires prior to leaving for a vacation should be a priority. For increased safety, you should be observant and diligent with tire safety throughout the year. You can … More

Maintaining Oral Health

Category: Blog

May is National Smile Month. The best way to preserve your smile is by taking care of your gums and teeth. Here are several ways you can maintain a clean bill of oral health: Brush Your Teeth Twice A Day Brushing your teeth with fluoridated toothpaste will help you prevent dental problems from occurring. Plaque … More

Why and How You Should Take a Home Inventory

Category: Blog

Have you considered a home inventory? A home inventory is a complete list of everything of value that is in your house. It includes specific details so that you know the value, model, and other information about the items. Not everyone takes the time to create this type of document, and you should know why … More

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Category: Blog

Even though you want your mom to feel special on Mother’s Day, you do not have to spend a fortune to do so. Here are some great gifts you can make your mother at home: Put Notes That Have Things You Love About Your Mother In A Jar Mothers often feel like their hard work … More

What To Do When You Run Out Of Gas

Category: Blog

Many people try to save money by driving when their gas tank is very close to E. This can be very risky, but there are many things you can do if you run out of gas while on the road. Below is a list of some of the things you can do if your car … More

Tips for Pet First-Aid

Category: Blog

People should be warned: dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors are at risk of dehydration. Even on a mild day, the sun can be intense enough to dehydrate your canine companion. Make sure to bring some extra bottles of water whenever you head out for long trips with your dog. Fatigue and lethargy … More

Your Kids & Playground Safety

Category: Blog

Adult supervision is an essential aspect of playground safety for kids of all ages. Parents need to keep a close eye on children who run, jump, climb, dock, and do other fun activities that come with some hazards. Kids should be taught some basic manners that could prevent common injuries on playgrounds such as abrasions … More

Tips for Spring Maintenance on Your Car

Category: BlogEducational

Spring weather is on its way and many people will be heading out onto the road to enjoy the nice weather and the longer periods of sunlight. But before taking a trip, drivers need to make certain that their vehicles are ready for the road. By taking a few precautions, drivers will be able to … More

Renters Insurance vs. Landlord Insurance

Category: Blog

When renting a property, tenants might think that their belongings are insured by the landlord’s policy. The truth is that tenants’ personal possessions are excluded from coverage that is undertaken in the name of a property owner. More specifically, a landlord usually has a homeowner’s insurance plan that provides compensation for structural damage to the … More

Outdoor Toys for Your Children

Category: Blog

Kids should be enthusiastic about playing outside with cool toys that provide an escape from computers, video games, and other electronic gadgets. Parents don’t have to spend a fortune on the latest high-tech toys in order for children to get some joy from outdoor play. A traditional kite or wind spinner offers a lot of … More

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