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Why Buy Insurance for Your Collections

Category: Blog

Building an interesting collection of something like stamps can take a long time. You might spend a lifetime trying to get everything that you want. It is important to protect that collection with insurance. Here is why you should buy insurance for your collections: Your Home Insurance Policy Is Not Usually Enough You want to … More

Tips for Campus Safety

Category: Blog

A university campus should be one of the safest places a person can be, but many crimes still take place there. However, you can do your part to make it a safer place and take an active role in the community. Here’s a few tips to get you started: 1. Be aware of your surroundings. … More

Saving During National Coupon Month

Category: Blog

September is National Coupon Month, and the ‘couponing’ fever is higher than ever. With the upcoming holiday season, this is the perfect month to begin saving money and pinching pennies to have a great Christmas. Here’s a few ways you can take advantage of the savings this month: 1. Think before you buy. There are … More

Cholesterol Management & Education

Category: Blog

A western diet is high in fat and cholesterol, two nutrients that significantly increase the risk of cardiovascular problems and other health concerns. First of all, it is important to understand the two types of cholesterol compounds that play key roles in nutrition and overall health. Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is considered to be “bad” cholesterol … More

How to Close Your Pool

Category: Blog

Confused on how to properly close up your pool for the Fall? In regions that do not experience freezing weather in the fall and winter seasons, it is not necessary to drain a large volume of water in a pool basin. Instead, the water level should be reduced to just a few inches below the … More

How to Close Your Vacation Home

Category: Blog

Your vacation home is something that you should enjoy each year, but you want to protect the house by making sure it is closed properly at the end of the summer season. Closing a house is simple if you know what to do. Here are some tips to help make things easier: Cut Off the … More

Practice Road Safety with School Buses

Category: Blog

School buses are special vehicles on the roads because they are usually transporting children. You have to treat them differently from other vehicles in order to keep everyone in the area safe. You should always remember the following things about road safety with school buses: Stop If the Bus Stops or Lights Start Flashing The … More

How to Get Your Children in a Back to School Routine

Category: Blog

Most kids fall into a routine during the school year, but sadly this routine can be completely forgotten during the summer break. You want your kids to return to that structured routine long before classes resume. Here are some ways to get your children back into learning mode: Gradually Change Sleep Schedules One of the … More

Water Quality Tips and Information

Category: Blog

People can have a tremendous impact on the quality of water that is delivered to their homes and businesses. You may not know it, but there is an array of proactive steps that may be taken to maintain a high quality of water in municipal systems as well as private wells. Being a responsible citizen … More

Keeping Children’s Eyes Healthy And Safe

Category: Blog

August is Children’s Eye Health And Safety Month. There are many things that both parents and caregivers can do to protect their children’s vision. Below is a list of tips for keeping your children’s eyes healthy: Recognize The Signs Of Vision Problems In many cases, the signs of vision problems are obvious. For example, the … More

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