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Life Insurance for Every Age

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Life insurance allows hard working individuals to plan for the future. It is important to adjust such a financial plan according to specific stages of life such as parenthood and retirement. Young adults that are just beginning their professional careers can benefit from opening a specific type of life insurance. For such an age group, … More

4 Ways to Recruit Quality Talent

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Getting the best team members into your organization can be a challenge. However, by following the traits of the companies listed below, you can ensure that you strengthen your company and increase your bottom line. Create a Brand People Love Scough is a Brooklyn-based fashion company that makes scarves with a medical grade filter to … More

Top 5 Road Trip Planning Tips

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Road trips can be fun and exciting. They do need to be planned carefully to avoid major problems. Five road trip planning tips will help you to have a great experience when traveling. Make Lodging Reservations before Leaving You should make reservations at all the hotels or motels along the trip route before leaving. You … More

Easy No-Bake Meal Ideas For Hot Weather

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When the weather is hot outside, many people do not feel like cooking. There are several meals that you can prepare without cooking. Below are some no-bake meal idea that are great for hot weather: Curried Chicken Tea Sandwiches In order to make curried chicken tea sandwiches, you will need two cubes cooked chicken, ¾ … More

4th Of July Safety 101

Category: Blog

Americans will soon celebrate the festivities of Independence Day. Barbecues, firework displays, and party games break out across the country in remembrance of that beautiful day when Americans first freed themselves from British rule and began life anew for themselves. It’s a great time for families and friends, but it’s essential to remember that because … More

What To Do If Your Car Is Underwater

Category: Blog

When your vehicle goes underwater with you in it, speed and staying calm are of absolute importance. The clearer your head and the faster you can get out of the car, the better your chances of making it out of your car unscathed. Here’s what you need to do if you find yourself trapped in … More

Nationwide Insurance Recognizes Asheville Agent Chad McKinney with Prestigious Award

Asheville, NC – June 16, 2014 – Chad McKinney, Principal Agent at McKinney Insurance Services, has earned the 2014 Presidents Conference Award, Nationwide Insurance’s top honor for delivering On Your Side® service. “Nationwide congratulates McKinney Insurance Services for achieving Presidents Conference. This accomplishment marks their thirty-third consecutive year earning our company’s highest honor,” said Martha … More

Summer’s Here! 4 Gardening Tips To Make It Great

Category: Blog

Now that gardening season is here you have a thousand things to do to get ready. The following are 4 tips that can make your garden not only more successful, but fun and creative. 1. Make Your Own Natural Mulch Everyone likes to use mulch either decoratively or to improve the soil. Coffee grounds, manure, … More

4 Reasons To Offer Employee Benefits

Category: Blog

A lot of businesses, today, skimp on employee benefits in favor of boosting their own profits. Here are four reasons why you should offer employee benefits whenever possible. Increase Your Business’s Appeal to Potential Applicants Having benefits to offer potential employees is a great way to increase the quality of the applicants who apply. If … More

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